At The Dog Park

A twenty-something couple decided to picnic at the crowded dog park while their Follow That Dog!adorable, six-pound Yorkshire terrier frolicked. For the picnic they bought McDonalds.

The day was lovely, temps in the eighties and a light breeze—a perfect day to picnic. The young miss unfurled a blanket, the perky pup went off to play and a lively pack of twenty dogs: three golden retrievers, a pair of rottweiler pups, my German shepherd, one old English sheepdog, three Jack Russell terriers, three boxers, four Australian shepherds and three designer dogs pounded on the picnic blanket, tore apart the McDonalds bags and swallowed lunch. All this before anyone could ask, “Do you want fries with that?”

Follow That Dog!

The couple expressed outrage at the display of doggy bad manners; they picked up their Yorkshire terrier and beat a hasty retreat. As they were leaving, the twenty-something couple complained to one dog owner, who shrugged apologetically and pointed to a sign, asking visitors not to enter the dog park with food or toys.

“We did not bring in dog food,” the young miss explained, “only hamburgers.”

The lesson still unlearned: dogs are carnivores.


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