Margaret’s Opinion of Donald Trump

Margaret, I’ve never been one to hold my tongue and that’s not going to change now. Hillary couldn’t say it because she understands the office she aspires to hold. I, however, am not running for President. And therefore… Donald Trump, you fat-ass, lying son-of-a-bitch. Hillary Clinton doesn’t need to give you or anyone else an […]

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Plume of Smoke

The sudden appearance of the unknown — the fear of what it might portend stopped my heart for a brief moment.  From my vantage point it seemed to be a fire in the house that belongs to a family member.  The sun was in my eyes.  I panicked.


The fire actually occurred on another street;  I felt relieved.  At the same time, I felt awful about a neighbor’s misfortune.  Thank goodness the local fire department responded quickly.



What I’ve Learned About Donald Trump

Recently, a friend took umbrage for my posting on FaceBook about the lack of intelligence of Trump followers.  She says she is not stupid and will vote for Trump because she doesn’t like Hillary. That is her right, and her reasons are her own. My reasons for never voting for Donald Trump, however, are a lot more detailed.

All my opinions are based on first-hand observations of this man. Because I don’t trust the media to report without bias, I’ve watched every rally on TV and listened to many speeches, or watched videos on YouTube.  

 I don’t depend on Fox News nor any other media outlet to tell me what to think. 

First let’s start with Trump’s own description of the people backing him as mindless sheep who would support him no matter what.   So, even he has no respect for his followers and calls them stupid.  And they still follow him, proving that the candidate knows his followers well.


This is why I would never vote for Donald Trump:

1. There is a strong similarity between Trump’s current campaign and Adolph Hitler’s campaign in Germany in the 1930’s.  The similarities are so strong it cannot be coincidental. Fascism or anything akin to fascism has no place in the politics of this country.

2. Donald Trump has displayed his racist views by:
a. insulting the entire country of Mexico — calling them rapists, thieves, etc. Like Hitler, Trump has his scapegoats.
b. Donald Trump mistreated a reporter, a Mexican-American, who is by the way a US citizen, but who was told to go back to where he came from.
c. Donald Trump insisted a US judge could not be impartial because of his Mexican background.

3. Trump has instigated violence at many of his rallies. Minority attendees and protesters have been injured by Trump followers, who were urged on by Trump himself.

4. His followers insist Trump tells it like it is, but he doesn’t tell them anything at all. Donald Trump answers no questions, proposes no plans — all he says is “Trust me.”

5. Trump is a bully. He badmouths his political rivals in a way never before seen in our history. Yet when his rivals fight back, he cries like a baby.

6. As of this date, Trump has not released his taxes.

7. Trump is now trying to get out of the planned debates. He probably knows he is woefully unprepared to debate his opponent.

8. He insults the Kahn family, and in doing so insults every other American family that has lost family members during military service.

9. Trump has insulted American veterans and prisoners of war.

10.Trump has a documented history of bad business dealings, such as not paying his bills and declaring bankruptcy to avoid payment.  If the man can’t manage his own business holdings, how can we trust him to manage our country?


How any American voter can even consider this man a viable candidate for the president of our country is beyond me.

What Are We Doing To Ourselves?

We are doing nothing, my friend, and that is the point. We cry, we grieve, we send our prayers and healing thoughts; then it’s back to business as usual.  Killing has become so commonplace it has lost its shock value.

Since most of us are so sure it will never happen to us, we retreat to the safety of our homes, hoping the whole mess will go away by morning.

Surely, as your question reveals, in quiet moments some of us must wonder – what are we doing to ourselves?

And who will take charge?

Not Congress.

Congress will take no action against the weapon manufactures for fear of losing financial backing.  Basically, they are complicit in each and every gunshot, and in each and every death.  They accept no responsibility.

We, the people, let them get away with it; so are we, therefore, complicit too?

In Washington, Republicans such as Addison Mitchell “Mitch” McConnell, Jr  are doing something.  They block most initiatives put forth by our duly-elected president, just as 7 years ago their leader, Mitch McConnell, himself promised they would.  Mr. McConnell is true to his word. His Kentucky constituents love his honesty and keep him in office.

Now, to make matters worse, we have Donald Trump, running for the office of president.  He says the USA is in terrible shape, and he is promising to make the country great again, but refuses to tell us how.

“Trust me,” Mr. Trump says.

Trust? How can we trust this duplicitous individual, who has issued racist statements; who plans to build a great wall against our southern neighbors, and says he’ll make them pay for it.  Really, Mr. Trump?  

In addition, Donald Trump issued a December press release “calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.”

In fact this candidate has offended many, by clearly repeating comments singling out people for criticism on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity or religion. This is divisive, which is not a signpost for greatness of any kind.

Finally this candidate, who has encouraged much chaos, by inciting others to violence, in the end feigns innocence.

Consequently, Mr. Trump may fool enough people into voting for him, winning the presidential election in spite of the fact he is woefully unqualified.

If and when he wins, the rest of us will know we have truly done enough of nothing, but by then it may be too late to do something.

The British Choice — Have They Chosen Well?

I am not informed enough on British affairs to know if the British people ultimately made the right choice or not. It seems to me, however, that the British situation is similar to attitudes and movements in the USA —so many people rebelling against the status quo, yet not really understanding the situation or their options. In any case, for many people in Britain, the decision to vote “Leave” was based on fear, distrust of the county’s government and hatred of the immigrants entering the country, something that we here in America know much about.

I’ve heard say that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Nevertheless, it is astonishing to read about the huge fall of the British pound and the British economy has lost billions overnight. Billions?! As a consequence, experts say a recession may follow. How soon then I wonder will the cheers of victory turn into cries of regret?

“While leaders of the Leave campaign spoke earnestly about sovereignty and the supremacy of Parliament or in honeyed tones about “the bright sunlit uplands” of Britain’s future free of Brussels, it was anxiety about immigration — membership in the European Union means freedom of movement and labor throughout the bloc — that defined and probably swung the campaign.

With net migration to Britain of 330,000 people in 2015, more than half of them from the European Union, Mr. Cameron had no effective response to how he could limit the influx. And there was no question that while the immigrants contributed more to the economy and to tax receipts than they cost, parts of Britain felt that its national identity was under assault and that the influx was putting substantial pressure on schools, health care and housing.

The campaign run by one of the loudest proponents of leaving, the U.K. Independence Party, flirted with xenophobia, nativism and what some of its critics considered racism. But the official, more mainstream Leave campaign also invoked immigration as an issue, and its slogan, “Take control,” resonated with voters who feel that the government is failing to regulate the inflow of people from Europe and beyond.”

[Quote taken from the New York Times.]

Yes, I am!

I know many high IQ people who want nothing more than to be average.  Surely, a high IQ is something desirable; so, why wish to be something less?   I suppose we are mostly insecure.

We’ve been taught to hide our intellectual gifts by a well-intentioned culture that teaches  lessons in human rights with the words, “We are all the same.”  Sadly that is not entirely true, which is why we have beauty queens and sports stars, billionaires and the homeless.

As for high IQ people?  They are best represented by a very popular and highly entertaining sitcom, where they pose no threat to anyone’s sensibility.

In any case, two years ago, when one particular individual taunted me with the phrase, “You think you are so smart!”  I promptly gave up the argument and the faltering relationship; both of which had stopped being fun for me.  In addition, I knew where the discussion was going.  Been there; done that.  Most important of all, I didn’t want to experience it again.

It turns out, however, I should’ve just acknowledged and countered the statement she had hurled at me with all her self-righteous indignation with the truth.

I should have said,  “Yes, I think it.  I know it.  Yes, I am!”  But I didn’t.

Some lessons are harder to learn than others.

Thinking Aloud. . .

Has anyone ever considered who is getting rich and even richer each time a massacre occurs in America? Has anyone ever stopped to consider that a “good man with a gun” is only wishful thinking at best, and at worst an advertising campaign, created for the sole purpose of selling more guns and bullets?

How is it possible that our nation as a whole has fallen for the biggest advertising con job in United States history?

The most outrageous part of all is that it’s entirely within our power to stop this spilling of American blood. Yet all we give are our condolences, peppered with moments of silence. And the dead remain dead.


I am sick and tired of the non-stop media attention Donald Trump has received and continues to receive.  It’s hard to believe he has been given millions of dollars of free publicity for his own aggrandizement.  What other candidate could begin to match that kind of media exposure?

In retrospect, maybe, that much press coverage was good for a while; it has taught us he is a terrible candidate for the presidency, but isn’t it now time to pull the plug?  Nothing he says is coherent or valuable — except to our enemies.


It was just the beginning of the weekend; Friday night I was watching the local news on TV as police surrounded a club in Orlando. The news was vague; no one knew exactly what was happening inside the club.  I feared that it was something absolutely terrifying.  Why else such a huge police and media presence?

I discovered the next day that a local celebrity had been shot by someone who had decided he just didn’t like her. Some depraved sicko had destroyed a human life just like that.  I could not imagine the horror.  But the horror was just beginning.

Early Sunday morning the news about another club, and yet another massacre in Orlando; my blood ran cold. So much violence!

I watched the count of the dead climb from 23 to 50, but let’s not forget the 53 wounded.  That maniac shot at and hit 103 human beings – 103 lives changed, damaged or destroyed.

I don’t know if I can return to Orlando anytime soon without wondering if there is some other maniac with a gun, waiting for an unsuspecting shopper.  All of which is unfair to the beautiful city of Orlando and the wonderful people who live there.  I feel ashamed of my cowardice.

Lesson learned — the sight of so much blood, and the cries of so many victims is way stronger than courage.


I briefly met Muhammad Ali in a hotel elevator in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico.  Staring at him, I remember thinking the champ didn’t look like a fighter at all. His face was beautiful and his voice gentle.

“Let them in.” he said, as the elevator door closed, but his companions, hotel security, would not allow us to enter the elevator. This encounter took only seconds, but I will always remember it and him.


“Bill Nye boo’d in Texas for saying the moon reflects the sun.”

When I read about this incident in Texas, I was stunned.  Even elementary school children know that the moon reflects the sun, but as I understood it, those doing the booing were adults — not as well educated as children, perhaps.

It is then I decided that to survive as a nation we all need to call out Stupid, who has now become a bully, flaunting  its ignorance as virtue.   If this offends us, we all must then ensure that Stupid fully understands that it and its faithful companions, Hatred and Bigotry, are no longer welcome in our country.


We live in a nation enamored with guns and violence. We watch too many movies and TV that reinforce our fascination with weaponry.  Obviously, many of us go through life believing reality should mirror the violent fiction on both the big and small screen.  As a consequence some weak minded individuals take up arms and blast their way to the 6 o’clock news and the banner headlines of the print press — instant fame and satisfaction for the insane.


Neighbor: Did you know there’s a big black snake living in your bushes?

Me: Yes!  It’s our first anniversary next week.

Neighbor: Well, what are you waiting for?

Me: Excuse me?

Neighbor: When are you going to exterminate?  That thing stopped my heart when it slithered across your driveway.  It is damn big.

Me: The Black Racer’s name is Sylvester Stallone.

Neighbor:  It’s a pet?

Me:  Absolutely not! Sylvester is part of my maintenance staff.  He takes care of the rodent population.

Neighbor:  You’re crazy!

Me:  As a fox!  I don’t have to pay him for the service.  Listen, I am a good neighbor; so allow me to warn you that Sylvester doubles as part of my security staff. As such he doesn’t like strangers.

— Neighbor gets the hint.


“Latinos are now the largest group of color in the country, with a popula­tion that exceeds 54 million people, making up 17 percent of the total U.S. population and 46 percent of all people of color in America.

“The countries of ancestry of the six largest subgroups of Latinos are Mexico (63 percent), Puerto Rico (9.2 percent), Cuba (3.5 percent), El Salvador and the Dominican Republic (each about 3 percent), and Gua­temala (2.1 percent) — collectively comprising 84 percent of the total Latino population in the United States.”

      —  Brown is the New White by Steve Phillips. 


Two days ago I ordered an iPhone from Walmart. It was a smooth, easy process until twenty minutes later when Walmart customer service emailed me; they had canceled my order without explanation.  

I telephoned immediately and asked customer service what went wrong?  That information was unavailable, the agent said.

When pressed for information the customer service agent would only say that there was some irregularity with payment. What irregularity? Walmart’s customer service would not clarify; the order was cancelled and I would have to accept that.

OK, no problem, I told her; my money is good anywhere, and it is. I then placed the order with Gazelle. That transaction also went smoothly, and even more importantly Gazelle did not cancel the order without explanation.  My new phone was on its way.

Twenty-four hours later, I received another email from Walmart, informing me that my new phone had just shipped. WHAT?!   Stupid strikes again.


This morning I was weeding a small patch by the front door when suddenly, I heard a deep, loud, snarling growl behind me!

Yikes! Holding my hoe as a weapon, I whirled in the direction of the sound, expecting to see some sizable animal creeping up on me; nothing stood there.

Wondering if perhaps a snake could growl like that, I poked the bushes along the walk with my hoe.  Nothing revealed itself and since the bushes are only 20 inches high and 19 inches deep, nothing big really could possibly hide there.

Then I heard it again. The growl had deepened into a low, rumbling threat. My curiosity and my courage ran into the house; I followed suit.

From time to time I still peek out the window to see if the owner of that growl will show itself. So far nothing. It must be shy. I guess I’ll never know what small beast drove me away, with the power of its roar.