Remembering the brave

As a country many Americans have forgotten what it means to sacrifice for one’s country.

Hugging the flag and kissing it is a stunt, disrespectful and definitely played in bad taste. And yet when it happened some cheered, and laughed.

We must remember that service and sacrifice for our country is without a doubt, the highest act of patriotism, deserving the highest honors and recognition. And yet some choose to deny honor to the deserving, revealing the dishonor they nourish inside.

Democracy, The Grand Experiment

A few centuries ago around the time of the American Revolution it was said that democracy could never succeed; therefore, what the colonists in America intended to do was an experiment in democracy, which was expected to fail.

Every now and then we need to be reminded of the overwhelming odds this new nation had to overcome at the time of its birth. And if truth be told is still struggling to succeed — in the grand experiment.

Our Country

Many Trump supporters have told me the main reason they voted for Trump was they thought he was funny and he made them laugh. They also felt that DC was good for nothing else — just laughter.

A few others told me they were upset that a black man was president and they wanted to turn DC upside down to show their rage.

This is very disturbing. Here we have 2 groups of citizens who would tear apart our country to express anger: those who do not vote and those who use their ballots to express rage.

My fellow citizens, we have a whole lot of healing to do. And God help us, we need to do it fast.

In the Time of COVID

Sometimes I am a slow learner. After all these months I am just beginning to realiza there are people who deliberately go out without a face mask, seemingly not caring a fig about infecting others.

When these people are called out, they fill the air with sloppy speeches about exercising their rights; obviously, they don’t care about my rights to remain healthy and alive— or anyone else for that matter.

Often the bare faced deride my concerns about contracting CORONA and call me a sheep for doing what I was told — wearing a mask to protect others. Others hurl out the label coward for fearing death. What the hell?

Ok, here we draw the line. You cannot call me a coward: because I always fight back — with a mask, if necessary, and by washing my hands as often as possible, and by staying home. It is a small price to pay for life.

They laugh at my stupidity, but the truth is these others are trapped in a horrible state of denial. They are so fearful they simply refuse to fight back, by failing to acknowledge the existence of the virus, by saying it doesn’t really kill. It is a hoax. If we ignore it, it will simply go away. Listen, folks. No, it won’t.

And they walk away just as I was getting started. Maybe, it is for the best.


Despite all the anti-Trump memes I have posted, the truth is I do not hate the man.

However, I do not admire his intellect; because he has little to none.

When I hear him speak I wonder if he suffers from severe, untreated dyslexia: his language skills are poor, his vocabulary is limited to few words that he repeats. And his pronunciation is garbled at times— as if English were not his native language.

Trump often struggles, trying to find words to share his thoughts, yet he is unable to recall any. Maybe, the thoughts were never there?

Listening to him speak is painful; his speeches are collections of haphazard thoughts and mismatched words that invariably end as compositions of poor quality farce.

While this may be perfect for entertainment, it is way below par for a statesman attempting to convey matters of great importance to the country and its citizens. No matter how hard he tries, Trump fails every effort. It is pitiful.

So, no. I do not hate Trump. I do despise his backers, those who finance his campaigns for their own interests.

I can’t tolerate his ignorant followers who have deluded themselves into thinking that both they and their idol are virtuous, God-fearing patriots even as they tear apart everything about our country that made it truly great.

Also, I cannot tolerate those followers who wrap themselves in mantles of piety yet violate all the sacred teachings of Christ at every step of the way. Perhaps Christ weeps?

“Give him a chance!” his followers chanted three years ago. We gave him a chance; it was a mistake. A big mistake. Huge!

So, I don’t hate Trump. How can anyone hate a pitiful puppet? On the other hand, I harbor intense dislike for the puppeteers, and without a doubt, I wish them ill.


Well, here the temperatures this week range from about 94 to 97 degrees — certainty hot by anyone’s definition.

In addition, for the past two days the sky is this strange shade of white that I think is the giant cloud from the Sahara desert.

Yesterday, I was only outside for about ten minutes, yet I started coughing and gagging. Clearly, now I must also wear a mask to protect me from the dust cloud.

When did ordinary life become surreal?